Monday, April 30, 2012

Hospital Employment Contracts: Are They as Secure as Physicians Think?

In this healthcare environment where possible new changes in laws and the government could effect the future of healthcare, many physicians are seeking hospital employment to secure their positions. However it is crucial for physicians to have a good understanding of the employment agreement before they sign it to make sure the position is as secure as they think it will be.

In today's American Medical News an article highlights 2 traps in some hospital employment contracts many physican's dont realize until after they have already signed and started: All Physicians Sign the Same Contract and Employment by Hospitals is Less Risky than Private Practice.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Neurosurgery Market Watch

Third edition of Neurosurgery Market Watch now available online!

Our feature article is an analysis of hospital employment positions for Neurosurgeons. We have a new private practice featured in our practice profile, while health lawyer Roderick Holloman addresses contract and employment challenges in our Legal Corner column. And don’t forget to check out our standing sections, Where the Neurosurgery Jobs Are and the Featured Opportunity.

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