Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Much Revenue Does Your Specialty Generate for Your Hospital?

Becker's Hospital Review has released data on how much physicians average bringing in to a hospital by their specialty.  The data is based on Merritt Hawkins 2013 Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey.

Here are their published results:

•    Orthopedic surgery: $2.68 million
•    Cardiology (invasive): $2.17 million
•    Family practice: $2.07 million
•    General surgery: $1.86 million
•    Internal medicine: $1.84 million
•    Hematology/oncology: $1.76 million
•    Neurosurgery: $1.68 million
•    Obstetrics/gynecology: $1.44 million
•    Urology: $1.43 million
•    Gastroenterology: $1.39 million
•    Psychiatry: $1.30 million
•    Cardiology (noninvasive): $1.23 million
•    Nephrology: $1.18 million
•    Pulmonology: $1.01 million
•    Otolaryngology: $825,757
•    Pediatrics: $787,790
•    Ophthalmology: $725,000
•    Neurology: $691,406

To read the full article from Becker's Hospital Review, click here:

Monday, May 13, 2013

MedScape's Physician Compensation Update 2013

Hospital Employment is on the rise, MedScape analyzes physician compensation changes in the last year.

Overall most physicians, specialists, and surgeons experienced increased in salary, the stronger economy impacting a positive addition to income.  However there are still uncertainties with changes in government and healthcare law and healthcare reform making an impact on physician practices.

MedScape's report also reveals other practice elements including how many hours physicians worked, other changes to their practices, and overall satisfaction and contentment with healthcare and medicine.

Access the full report by clicking here:

Physician Contract Language: Hospital Bylaws

In this hospital employment dominant environment it's more important than ever for physicians to have a good understanding of their employment contract prior to signing with the hospital.  Hospital bylaws are another factor to make sure you understand before signing the contract.

Bylaws of a hospital govern the terms of the hospital's medical staff, including staff membership and clinical privileges.  Physicians need to review both their employment contract as well as the hospital's bylaws to understand the full aspects of employment, including what would happen if the physician lost their job or their staff privileges.

American Medical News has an article addressing how to review both an employment contract and the hospital bylaws prior to signing.  Read the full article by clicking here: