Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Physician Employment: 4 Tips for Successful Contract Negotiation

Ensuring a successful long-term job begins by negotiating a sustainable long-term contract.  Fierce Practice Management has interviewed 2 experts in the physician non-clinical marketplace to determine 4 tips for successful contract negotiation.

Willaim Cors, Chief Medical Quality Officer of Pocono Health System in East Stroudsburg, PA, and Dean Nicastro, a healthcare attorney with Pierce & Mandell in Boston have both commented on ways to ensure a successful physician-hospital alignment before the physician starts employment.  These experts offer you the following 4 tips for negotiating a satisfying and surprise-free physician employment contract.

The 4 tips are:

1) Begin Negotiations with your Offer Letter
2) Read and Appreciate what you are Signing
3) Know the Most Important Provisions to Address
4) Recognize the Contract's Purpose

The article goes on to elaborate on each tip.  It is crucial for physicians to have a full understanding of the entire employment agreement and contract prior to starting to ensure a successful, long-term employee engagement.

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