Monday, December 13, 2010

Higher Compensation in Less Competitive Markets

The Center for Studying Health System Change has completed a study on the average compensation for physicians in different marketplaces and geographic locations. The study found that Physicians and Hospitals in some markets can drive payment levels far above those paid in more competitive markets (larger metropolitan areas).

This study referenced that physician's actual compensation was less variable in different markets, however hospitals were paid nearly five times the Medicare rate for inpatient care and more than seven times the rate for outpatient care in some of the most extreme areas the study found.

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Physicians Opting out of Private Practice Because of Uncertainty

The Physicians Foundation has conducted a survey on physician's changing practice models. Concern about how health system reform and continuing instability in Medicare pay have an increasing number of physicians pondering changes in how they practice.

Many physicians are considering cutting back on hours, switching to concierge medicine, taking locum tenens positions or selling their practices to accept hospital jobs, according to the survey released November 19th.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Physician Background Check: What Physicians Need to Know

All of the facilities, private practices, and academic institutions we work with require a background check to be completed on the candidate, usually prior to an offer being made. The New England Journal of Medicine has provided a good article on what a physician needs to know about the process of a third party obtaining a background check.

Although this article suggests some physicians need to complete a background check prior to the interview, we find it more common to complete a background and malpractice screen once the offer process has began typically after the first or second site visit. Either way, the background process is common and is not something a candidate should be overly concerned about.

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